Zero to One

Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

By: Peter Thiel

Published: 2014

Read: 2017


Book about the challenges of vertical progress (creating new things, going from zero to one) instead of horizontal progress (copying, going from 1 to 2, etc.). 

Anecdotes and thoughts about what it takes to be successful in the startup world (as entrepreneur or investor), leadership, the long term impact of automation.

Worth Reading:

Known for being a contrarian, the boldness of the writing was enjoyable. Original thoughts and anecdotes made for an easy read.

Prefer listening to him talk through his ideas (podcasts, YouTube – see below).


Podcast summary:

Article summary:


Practical Takeaways:

Start small and gain a monopoly in a small market.

The optimism/pessimism and definite/indefinite matrix: can be used to reflect where we are on education, finance and politics. Broadly, it is argued that we currently live in an era of indefinite optimism.


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