Making Sense — Scott Galloway

On: Wealth and HappinessEpisode: 189 Date: March 2020 Background: Marketing professor, entrepreneur, author of ”The Algebra of Happiness”.Key Subjects:Mixed relationship between wealth and well-being. (see also “Making Sense — Kahneman”)As wealth increases, well-being:Levels out for the “experienced self”:In the moment

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Making Sense — Michael Pollan

On: Freedom from the KnownEpisode: 127 Date: May 2018 Key Subjects: Author of “How to Change Your Mind”.Largely a discussion around the key topics of Pollan’s book:The resurgence of interest in psychedelics, psychedelic therapy and related research.Therapeutic benefits of psychedelics

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Making Sense — Roland Griffiths

On:Psychedelic Science Episode: 177 Date: December 2019 Key Subjects: Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Neurosciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.Discussion of current state of therapeutic and neuro-scientific research into psychedelics.Covers the history and workings of

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Making Sense — David Deutsch

On: Surviving the Cosmos Episode: 22 Date: December 2015 Key Subjects: Professor in Physics, author of “The Fabric of Reality”, “The Beginning of Inifinty”.Knowledge:A kind of information.It says something that is true and useful about the world.The generic thing for

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Making Sense — Stephen Fry

On: Stephen FryEpisode: 147 Date: February 2019 Key Subjects: Comedian, author, actor, etc.Investigation of empirical evidence and specificity of meditation benefits.Meditation dulls “vices” (anger, greed, insecurity), which are needed as a source of drive and ambition.Defense: Vices are more often

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Making Sense — Jack Dorsey

On: Jack Dorsey Episode: 148 Date: February 2019 Key Subjects: CEO of Twitter and Square.General observation:During 2016, journalists on the left barely followed any journalists on the right.Journalists on the right followed many journalists on the left.Twitter does not regard

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Making Sense — Daniel Kahneman

On: The Map of Misunderstanding Episode: 150 Date: March 2019 Key Subjects: Nobel Laureate, Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs, co-author of “Thinking Fast and Slow”.On intuition:Intuition really is recognition: of a pattern and the appropriate response to it.Idea that

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Making Sense — Shane Parris

On: Mental Models Episode: 155 Date: April 2019 Key Subjects: Author of “Mental Models”, founder of Farnam Street blog.How to be better at making decisions – difficulty of bias approach:Retrospectively: cognitive biases are helpful explaining past mistakes.Prospectively: biases are not

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Making Sense — Jordan Peterson (2)

On: Meaning and Chaos. Episode: 67 Date: March 2017 Background: Clinical psychologist, professor of psychology, author of “12 Rules for Life“. Key Subjects: Science, religion, archetypes, mythology, and the perennial problem of finding meaning in life. Key Takeaways: See other

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Making Sense — Jordan Peterson (1)

On: What is True? Episode: 62 Date: January 2017 Background: Clinical psychologist, professor of psychology, author of “12 Rules for Life“. Key Subjects: Freedom of speech. The nature of truth. Key Takeaways: -/- Worth Listening: A two hour, somewhat fascinating,

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