EconTalk — Paul Romer (2)

On: COVID-19 Episode: N/A Date: May 15 2020 Background: Economist. Key Subjects: Finding a sustainable, less costly strategy to reduce virus transmission. Suppression: lock-down is very costly (economic costs not sustainable). Mitigation: transmission is very slow (> 1 year for

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EconTalk — Robert Pondiscio

On: How the Other Half Learns Episode: N/A Date: May 2020 Background: Author and teacher. Key Subjects: Discussion about the Success Academy Charter School in New York City. Charter school = public school (no tuition, open admissions). Government funded, privately

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EconTalk — Bryan Caplan

On: Parenting Episode: N/A Date: May 2011 Background: Economist and author of “Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids”. Key Subjects: Parents have very little effect on long-run outcomes of how their kids turn out. There is a short-term impact on

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EconTalk — Iain McGilchrist

On: The Divided Brain and the Master and His Emissary. Episode: N/A Date: April 2018 Background: Psychiatrist and author of “The Master and His Emissary”. Key Subjects: Our brain is divided into two different hemispheres because every living thing has

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EconTalk — Gerd Gigerenzer

On: Gut Feelings. Episode: N/A Date: December 2019 Background: Psychologist and author of “Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious”. Key Subjects: Gut feelings or intuitions guide many decisions. Suggestions on how to act that arise rapidly from your unconscious

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EconTalk — Rory Sutherland

On: Alchemy. Episode: N/A Date: November 2019 Background: Advertising executive and author of “Alchemy”. Key Subjects: Markets are inventive, not necessarily efficient. Markets allow for trial and error, testing ideas, discovery. Leads to finding more than one solution for one

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EconTalk — Venkatesh Rao

On: Waldenponding. Episode: N/A Date: November 2019 Background: Writer and management consultant. Key Subjects: Waldenponding: Various levels of retreating from technology. (Thoreau: virtues of retreating from social contact, leading a quieter life at Walden Pond.) Historically common response to emerging

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EconTalk — Chris Arnade

On: Dignity. Episode: N/A Date: July 2019 Background: photographer, author, and former Wall St. trader. Traveled across America photographing and getting to know the addicted and homeless who struggle to find work and struggle to survive. Key Subjects: Human need for community

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EconTalk — Adam Cifu

On: The Case for Being a Medical Conservative . Episode: N/A Date: July 2019 Background: Physician and author. Key Subjects: Appreciate the complexity of medical care. Challenges of finding reliable evidence to support medical interventions. Inherent uncertainty surrounding outcomes. Many

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EconTalk — Paul Romer

On: Growth, Cities, and the State of Economics. Episode: N/A Date: April 2019 Background: Nobel Laureate, professor at New York University. Key Subjects: The difference between objects and ideas: Objects: External world in economics usually characterized by objects, endowments. People

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