Avoid or do less.

What to figure out, do more.

  • Stress: (“Stress“)
    • Improve adaptive capacity, resilience, immediate stress response.
  • Sleep: (“Sleep“)
    • Consistency: sleep close to sunset (9-10 PM); wake up close to sunrise (6-7 AM); 7 days a week.
    • Quantity : at least 8 hours in bed (ideally aim for 8 hours of sleep, not just time in bed).
    • Quality: increase melatonin -> dark, cool room.
    • Others: take naps; increase melatonin -> supplements; measure -> resting heart rate, HRV, body temperature.
  • Nutrition:
  • Exercise:
  • Supplements: (“Supplements“)
    • Specific (genetic) issue: measure, test, select brand, use and re-test.
    • Vitamin D (when no sun).

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