Ezra Klein Show — Alison Gopnik

On: childhood development, exploit versus explore, attachment Episode: N/A Date: June 13, 2019 Background: professor of psychology and philosophy. Key Subjects: Explore versus exploit. Childhood = explore. Get as much new information as you can, explore possibilities. Adulthood = exploit.

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EconTalk — Agnes Callard

On: Philosophy, Progress and Wisdom Episode: N/A Date: June 22, 2020 Background: Philosopher and author. Key Subjects: Progress. In science. Mechanism: seeking consensus truths (“tying up loose ends”). Finite search: once truths are established (and not challenged), the search ends

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EconTalk — Doug Lemov

On: Teaching Episode: N/A Date: December 9, 2013 Background: School administrator and author. Key Subjects: Better teachers. Teaching is a performance profession involving complex behavioral tasks. Requires practice. Automate things you don’t want to think about “during the game”. Get

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EconTalk — Yuval Levin

On: A Time to Build Episode: N/A Date: March 2, 2020 Background: Author and political scientist. Key Subjects: Institutions. Structures aimed at achieving a common purpose … Emerge out of cohesive communities with shared goals. … by working together. Often

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EconTalk — Branko Milanovic

On: Capitalism, Alone Episode: N/A Date: May 11, 2020 Background: Author and economist. Key Subjects: Capitalism. Both US and China are capitalist societies (in differing degrees and ways). Decentralized coordination (of economic decisions). Hired labor (open market wage rates). Privately

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EconTalk — Martin Gurri

On: Revolt of the Public Episode: N/A Date: May 25, 2020 Background: Author and former CIA analyst. Key Takeaways: More information = more uncertainty. Previous sources of false sense of certainty lose credibility (institutions, people). More complexity = easier to

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Complexity — David Krakauer, Part 6

On: Exponentials, Economics, and Ecology Transmission Series Ep. 6 Episode: 32 Date: May 12, 2020 Evolutionary biologist. Review of 5 Transmission Essays. Chris Kempes and Geoffrey West on understanding cities to respond to pandemics Eric Maskin on mechanism design for

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Complexity — David Krakauer, Part 5

On: Embracing Complexity for Systemic Interventions Transmission Series Ep. 5 Episode: 31 Date: May 5, 2020 Evolutionary biologist. Review of 5 Transmission Essays. John Krakauer and Michelle Carlson on COVID and Spiraling Frailty Syndrome Stefani Crabtree on What History Can

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Complexity — David Krakauer, Part 4

On: Rethinking Our Assumptions During the COVID-19 Crisis Transmission Series Ep. 4 Episode: 30 Date: April 28, 2020 Evolutionary biologist. Review of 5 Transmission Essays. Anthony Eagan on Federalism in a time of pandemic Carrie Cowan on the future of

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EconTalk — Paul Romer (2)

On: COVID-19 Episode: N/A Date: May 15 2020 Background: Economist. Key Subjects: Finding a sustainable, less costly strategy to reduce virus transmission. Suppression: lock-down is very costly (economic costs not sustainable). Mitigation: transmission is very slow (> 1 year for

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