FoundMyFitness — Peter Attia

On: Its Effects on Cancer, Mortality, Aging, Brain and Behavior, Heart Disease Episode: N/A Date: December 2016 Key Subjects: Attia is focused on things that affect growth factor pathways in the body (mTOR, IGF-1, RAS).What are the links between macro-nutrients

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FoundMyFitness — Sulforaphane

On: Its Effects on Cancer, Mortality, Aging, Brain and Behavior, Heart Disease Episode: N/A Date: December 2016 Key Subjects: See Sulforaphane write-upPotential benefits of sulforaphane, as found in certain leafy vegetables, especially broccoli.Tricky to capture benefits:Eating raw broccoli has drawbacks.Eating

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FoundMyFitness — Jed Fahey

On: Sauna Use for the Prevention of Cardiovascular & Alzheimer’s Disease Episode: N/A Date: June 2017 Key Subjects: See Sulforaphane write-upSulforaphane up-regulates variety of beneficial gene pathways, lowering oxidative stress and inflammation.Shown to be effective therapeutic agent in cancer and

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FoundMyFitness — Roland Griffiths

On: Psilocybin, Psychedelic Therapies & Mystical Experiences Episode: N/A Date: January 2017 Key Subjects: Common experiences in usage of psilocybin:Beneficial impact lasts for reasonably long period after usage.During usage: sense of interconnectedness, authenticity / truth value.Psilocybin can act as anti-depressant

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FoundMyFitness — Guido Kroemer

On: Autophagy, Caloric Restriction Mimetics, Fasting & Protein Acetylation Episode: N/A Date: July 2017 Key Subjects: See Autophagy write-up.Autophagy is an evolutionary tool to remove damaged cell parts in response to environmental stress in a targeted manner allowing for regeneration.Fasting may

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FoundMyFitness — Ruth Patterson

On:Time-Restricted Eating in Humans & Breast Cancer Prevention Episode: N/A Date: July 2016 Key Subjects: See Fasting write-up.There is evidence to support dietary patterns affect cancer occurrence or recurrence (in humans).Timing of fasting interval matters in terms of impact on

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FoundMyFitness — Satchin Panda (2)

On: Practical Implementation of Time-Restricted Eating & Shift Work Strategies Episode: N/A Date: October 2017 Key Subjects: See Fasting write-up.See “FoundMyFitness — Satchin Panda (1)“.Time restricted eating may reduce chronic inflammation (less leaky gut, lower blood sugar).Shift work officially categorized

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FoundMyFitness — Satchin Panda (1)

On: Time-Restricted Feeding and Its Effects on Obesity, Muscle Mass & Heart Health Episode: N/A Date: July 2016 Key Subjects: See Fasting write-up.Brain and peripheral circadian regulators influenced by light and food intake.Circadian clocks play a role in expression of 15-20%

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FoundMyFitness — Judith Campisi

On: Cellular Senescence, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Cancer & Aging Episode: N/A Date: April 2017 Key Subjects: See Cellular Senescence write-upSenescent cells form as stress response.Positive: prevents growth of mutant cells/cancer, signals growth to aid tissue repair.Negative: triggers chronic inflammation and immune

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FoundMyFitness — Valter Longo (2)

On: Resetting Autoimmunity and Rejuvenating Systems with Prolonged Fasting & the FMD Episode: N/A Date: July 2018 Key Subjects: See Sauna write-upSee “FoundMyFitness — Walter Longo (1)“Again highlights the various fasting protocols.Key Takeaways:-/- Worth Listening: Perhaps too much repetition with

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