Making Sense — Jordan Peterson (2)

On: Meaning and Chaos.

Episode: 67

Date: March 2017

Background: Clinical psychologist, professor of psychology, author of “12 Rules for Life“.

Key Subjects:

  • Science, religion, archetypes, mythology, and the perennial problem of finding meaning in life.

Key Takeaways:

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Worth Listening:

Harris is meticulous in his arguments / formulations and the one to more easily agree with. Peterson is more esoteric, meanders, is harder to follow but shoots for bigger targets. Ultimately, when Peterson hits, he hits hard. For instance, his description of the concept of sacrifice (giving up something of value today in the hope of a future reward; how that was an early non-verbal understanding of the concept of “future” and an attempt at influencing it; what that means in your personal life) was an eye opener (in the sense that it helped me understand why I am willing to make some “sacrifices” but not others).


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