EconTalk — Tyler Cowen

On: Stubborn Attachments, Prosperity, and the Good Society.

Episode: N/A

Date: August 2017

Background: Professor at George Mason University, the co-host of the blog Marginal Revolution, host “Conversations with Tyler” podcast, author of Stubborn Attachments.

Key Subjects:

  • Growth is the moral key to maintaining civilization, promoting human well-being.
    • Circular in a way, as growth is essentially redefined as well-being (healthy, happy, control).
  • Inequality:
    • Not seen as a result of growth, but evidence of the wrong type of growth.
    • Crony capitalism, bad regulations (education and building).
    • Answer is in less / better regulations [right…].
  • Stubborn attachment: attachment to individual ideas and beliefs, lack of longer-term vision.
    • Preference for now, lack of regard for future, higher values.

Key Takeaways:

  • -/-.

Worth Listening:


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