Conversations with Tyler — Slavoj Žižek

On: Stubborn Attachment.

Episode: 84

Date: December 2019

Background: Philosopher.

Key Subjects:

  • Liberal democratic capitalism is ill equipped to handle major complex challenges.
    • Ecology (climate change), immigration, digital control (mass surveillance, etc.)
    • Unlikely things will be fixed through marginal improvements of current systems.
  • “Something” will have to happen, something more radical is needed.
    • Unclear what that is (return to zero and try again?)
  • Communism helps to name the problem, but doesn’t provide solutions.
    • Similarly, the Left can only name problems, but doesn’t a have general vision for the future.
  • Society held together by unwritten rules, customs.
    • Humanity is based on empty manners.
    • Political correctness tries to legalize these customs (rather than address underlying issues).
  • A broad ranging, at times farcical and scatter-shot discussion.
    • Mostly interesting to an in-crowd that can fill in the blanks of the numerous “and so on, and so on.”
  • 7/10

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