Avoid or do less.

  • Reduce harm by removing things, rather than adding to it.
    • May not make sense to add supplements:

Figure out.

  • Measure, test to identify specific (genetic) requirements (see “Tests“).
  • Determine proper brand of supplement (reputation, ingredients, etc.).
  • Add supplement selectively, re-test after period of usage.

Selected supplements to consider

  • Reputable brands:
  • Sulforaphane: (“FoundMyFitness — Jed Fahey“) (“Sulforaphane“)
    • To lower inflammation and oxidative stress
    • Brand: Thorne (GRN only) or Avmacol (GRN + MYR).
  • Creatine: (“The Drive with Peter Attia — Chris Masterjohn“)
    • To reduce methylation demands.
    • Brand: Thorne.
  • B-Complex: (“Methylation“)
    • To promote more efficient methylation.
    • Understand if you have methylation pathway issues.
    • Do you need to lower homocysteine (better conversion and/or breakdown).
    • Depending on genetic profile, pick appropriate B vitamin or complex.
    • Brand: Thorne.
  • Glycine: (“The Drive with Peter Attia — Chris Masterjohn“)
    • May be low due if overly methylated and peed out (in homocysteine breakdown).
    • Helps with sleep.
    • Brand: [No need for supplementing].
  • Omega-3: (“Fatty Acids“)
    • EPA and DHA, improve Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio.
    • Brand: Nordic Naturals
  • GLA / Borage oil: (“Fatty Acids“)
    • Preferred form of Omega-6 (anti-inflammatory).
    • In combination with Omega-3 (to avoid pro inflammatory impact).
    • Brand: Jarrow.
  • NAD+:  (“The Drive with Peter Attia — Chris Masterjohn“)
    • Promote DNA repair (activate sirtuins).
    • In combination with a methyl donor (choline, betaine, TMG).
    • Impact, side and signaling effects unclear.
    • NR supplement
    • Brand: Tru Niagen discussed.
  • Curcumin: (“Nutrition — Cholesterol“)
    • Boosts DHA, digestive health.
  • Berberine: (“Nutrition — Cholesterol“)
    • Commonly taken for diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.
    • Helps to lower both cholesterol and triglycerides.
    • Brand: Thorne.

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