The Drive with Peter Attia — Robert Lustig

On: Fructose, processed food, NAFLD, and changing the food system

Episode: 14

Date: September 2018

Background: endicronologist.

Key Subjects:

  • Issues with sugar:
    • Contributes to inflammation, gout, high blood pressure, fatty liver, etc. (see “Fructose and Glucose” write-up).
  • Issues with processed food:
    • It’s not the added sugar you know, it’s the added sugar you don’t know.
    • Every diet out there that works, works because it is based on all real food.
  • Focus on real food:
    • Fibers can help prevent some of the absorption of fructose.
      • By lining part of the intestine.
      • Fructose doesn’t get absorbed, gets digested by the gut bacteria instead.
    • Need both soluble and non-soluble fibers: real food.
      • Fiber bars (only soluble fibers) don’t work.
  • End subsidies that seem to make processed foods artificially cheaper than real food.

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