Nutrition — Caloric Restriction

Three forms of nutrition restriction.

  • Time restriction (when you eat).
  • Caloric restriction (how much you eat).
  • Diet restriction (what you eat).

Crude approach

  • Technical macro-nutrients approach.  (“FoundMyFitness — Peter Attia“)
    • Proteins: up to level needed to maintain muscle mass.
    • Carbs: down to level that produces acceptable insulin, avoids glucose spikes.
    • Fat to complete and make up the amount needed to maintain proper BMR.
  • Subject to your goals.
    • Health, weight gain or loss, endurance, strength, etc.
  • Some rules of thumb to consider or play around with.
    • Proteins: 1 gram of protein per 1 pound of body weight.
    • Vegetables: “eight fists”.

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