Making Sense — Scott Galloway

On: Wealth and HappinessEpisode: 189 Date: March 2020 Background: Marketing professor, entrepreneur, author of ”The Algebra of Happiness”.Key Subjects:Mixed relationship between wealth and well-being. (see also “Making Sense — Kahneman”)As wealth increases, well-being:Levels out for the “experienced self”:In the moment

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The Happiness Hypothesis

Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom By: Jonathan Haidt Published: 2005. Read: 2019 (again). Summary: Formulating and pursuing meaningful goals in life can be difficult. We often have (overly) negative views (a negative bias can be helpful in identifying threats

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How Will You Measure Your Life

By: Clayton Christensen Published: 2012 Read: 2018 Summary: Management theories typically used to analyze companies, company strategies, and industries are used instead to define and explain what causes success, happiness and meaning in people’s lives, relationships and careers. As these

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