Complexity — David Krakauer, Part 2

On: COVID-19 & Complex Time in Biology & Economics Transmission Series Ep. 2 Episode: 27 Date: April 14, 2020 Evolutionary biologist. Key Concepts Review of 5 Transmission Essays 005: Andrew Dobson on the Need for Disease Models which Capture Key

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Life’s Information Hierarchy

The explanation for the complex, multi-scale structure of biological and social systems lies in their manipulation of space and time to reduce uncertainty about the future. By: Jessica C. Flack Date: April 2014 In: Santa Fe Institute Bulletin and From

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The Happiness Hypothesis

Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom By: Jonathan Haidt Published: 2005. Read: 2019 (again). Summary: Formulating and pursuing meaningful goals in life can be difficult. We often have (overly) negative views (a negative bias can be helpful in identifying threats

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