FoundMyFitness — Peter Attia

On: Its Effects on Cancer, Mortality, Aging, Brain and Behavior, Heart Disease

Episode: N/A

Date: December 2016

Key Subjects:

  • Attia is focused on things that affect growth factor pathways in the body (mTOR, IGF-1, RAS).
    • What are the links between macro-nutrients and these pathways.
    • Mostly activated by amino acids (mTOR).
    • But some (IGF-1) by both amino acids and glucose (through insulin, see Sex Hormone Binding Globuline write-up).
  • Has implications for diet and disease prevalence.
    • Macro nutrient content and quality matters.
  • Macro-nutrient approach to diet – individualistic :
    • Proteins: raise it up to the level needed to maintain muscle mass.
    • Carbs: lower it to the level that keep insulin below a certain threshold, avoid spikes, limit area under the curve for glucose.
    • Fat: the rest to get to your BMR.
  • Less focused on factors that influence microbiome health or micronutrients
    • Not discussed: potential genetic issues, methylation processes, etc.

Key Takeaways:

  • Macro-nutrient approach to diet (proteins up to level needed to maintain muscle mass, carbs down to level that produces acceptable insulin and avoids glucose spikes, fat to make up the amount needed for BMR).

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