The Drive with Peter Attia — Jake Kushner

On: How to thrive with type 1 diabetes and how everyone can benefit from the valuable insights.

Episode: 41

Date: February 2019

Key Subjects:

  • See type 1 diabetes write-up for details.
  • Insulin is the master regulator:
    • Many of the major steps of protein metabolism are influenced by insulin.
    • In the presence of insulin: you’re putting more glycogen into skeletal muscle.
    • In its absence: you’re going to break them down.
    • When insulin goes up, IGF-1 goes up (see SHBG write-up).
      • High insulin, low SHBG, high free testosterone, high IGF-1.
  • The Law of Small Numbers:
    • If you consume more carbs, you need more insulin and therefore there’s a greater opportunity to make a mistake
    • If you consume fewer carbs, you will consume less insulin and you’ll have fewer mistakes

Key Takeaways:

  • -/-

Worth Listening:

Great primer on type 1 diabetes and how to manage it. Show-notes to the episode contain excellent charts, book recommendations and resource links. 

  • 8/10

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