Summary Stress: adaptive response to situations that pose demands, constraints or opportunities. Homeostasis: low stress. Stressors challenge homeostasis: stress response. Return to homeostasis: recovery, return to low stress. Or inability to return to homeostasis: exhaustion, chronic stress. Stressors: wide variety.

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The Drive with Peter Attia — Robert Sapolsky

On: The pervasive effect of stress – is it killing you?Episode: 51 Date: April 2019Background: Neuroendocrinologist.Key Subjects:Dual hormonal pathway triggered by stress stimulus:Immediate response – adrenalin:Triggers activation of parasympathetic nervous system.Secondary response – cortisol:Continues parasympathetic response (elevated blood glucose).Shuts down

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The Hour Between Dog and Wolf

How risk taking transforms us, body and mind.By: John Coates.Published: 2012 Read: 2019 Summary: Complex interactions and feedback mechanisms between the body and the brain evolved to maintain health and prepare us for movement. Especially in situations that require fast

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