Superpower Showdown

How the Battle Between Trump and Xi Threatens a New Cold War By: Bob Davis and Lingling Wei Published: 2020 Read: 2021 Summary A summary of the struggle over global political, economic and technological supremacy before and during the Trump

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Has China Won?

The Chinese Challenge to American Primacy By: Kishore Mahbubani Published: 2020 Read: 2021 Summary A major geopolitical contest between the US and China is both inevitable and avoidable. Both sides share some of the blame. China has alienated the US

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Free Solo and Economic Growth

By: John Cochrane In: The Grumpy Economist Date: October 2019 Key Quotes: Knowledge externalities: When one person learns how to do something, and when he or she can and does communicate that knowledge to others, the others can quickly benefit from

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