Has China Won?

The Chinese Challenge to American Primacy By: Kishore Mahbubani Published: 2020 Read: 2021 Summary A major geopolitical contest between the US and China is both inevitable and avoidable. Both sides share some of the blame. China has alienated the US

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Finance — Breaking the Market

Summary of selected posts from Breaking the Market finance blog. As with Ergodicity Economics, I don’t pretend to understand all of the underlying math or economic concepts, but some of the takeaways seem nonetheless evident. Key Takeaways Investing: be weary

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Ergodicity Economics

By: Ole Peters and Alexander Adamou In: Lecture notes and blog posts Date: 2019 Introduction The lecture notes and blog posts introduce and develop ergodicity theory, in the process challenging the foundations of economic theory, as well as providing mathematical

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Sympathy for Homo Religiosus

By: Russ Roberts In: Econ Journal Watch, 11(2) Date: May 2014 Key Quotes Role of individual in standard view of economic theory: Human beings are integrated, consistent, maximizing, utility-seeking, calculating creatures. Fundamentally self-interested. Goal is to maximize utility through consumption.

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