The Drive with Peter Attia — Bill Harris

On: Omega-3 fatty acidsEpisode: 83 Date: December 2019 Key Subjects:Phd in human nutrition, expert on omega-3 fatty acids, CEO of OmegaQuantBasics of fatty acid biochemistry (see also “Fatty Acids”).Key markers of omega-3 and -6 typically within fairly narrow range.About 20-30%

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Nutrition — Fatty Acids

Summary Introduction. Saturated Fatty Acids. Unsaturated Fatty Acids. MUFA — Omega-9. PUFA — Omega-3. PUFA — Omega-6. Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratio. Lower Omega-6. Moderately Increase Omega-3. Supplement GLA. Supplement Curcumin. Role in Early Life. Introduction Fats. One of the five

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