FoundMyFitness — Judith Campisi

On: Cellular Senescence, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Cancer & Aging

Episode: N/A

Date: April 2017

Key Subjects:

  • See Cellular Senescence write-up
  • Senescent cells form as stress response.
    • Positive: prevents growth of mutant cells/cancer, signals growth to aid tissue repair.
    • Negative: triggers chronic inflammation and immune response.
    • Accumulate due to decline immune response or faster generation of senescent cells.
  • Fasting may eliminate senescent cells and mute the inflammatory impact.
  • Short telomeres also related to senescent cell formation.
    • Exercise: sedentary lifestyle leads to shorter telomeres.
    • Stress: leads to shorter telomeres.
  • Concept of antagonistic pleiotropy:
    • A gene is associated with more than one trait / phenotype.
    • Some traits may be beneficial to the organism’s fitness (usually early in life).
    • Other traits may be detrimental to that same organism’s fitness (usually later in life).

Key Takeaways:

  • Antagonistic pleiotropy: one gene associated with good traits (early in life) and bad traits (later in life).

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