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On: Fasting-Mimicking Diet & Fasting for Longevity, Cancer & Multiple Sclerosis

Episode: N/A

Date: October 2016

Key Subjects:

  • See Fasting write-up
  • A shielding and repair mode that we lost over time.
    • Two modes: fasting and (re-)feeding.
    • Both modes have provide different sets of stressors to the body.
    • Fasting is likely the more common mode of the body than eating.
    • Fasting = shielding and repair (slow down growth and re-productivity).
    • Refeeding = grow and reproduce.
  • Importance of cycles of fasting and feeding:
    • During fast: clear out the damaged cells, trigger stem cells.
    • During feeding: regrowth from stem cells.
    • Protein intake during refeeding important to help increase IGF-1.
    • Prolonged fasting or fasting mimicking diet are the only versions that trigger the benefits of IGF-1 cycling.
  • Potential to use fasting protocol as complementary therapy in cancer and other diseases:
    • General concept of differential stress resistance: strengthen normal cells, weaken damaged cells.
    • Use metabolic pathways to increase the stress on cancer cells and slow their growth, while strengthening normal cells.
    • The approach is to activate these metabolic pathways essentially through dietary means (in combination with pursuing the standard of care).

    • One of the pillars of the approach is to reduce carbs (and proteins) and increase intake of (healthy) fats and ketones, basically to follow a ketogenic diet.

    • There seems to be a fairly broad body of science showing that reducing glucose and increasing ketones can have a wide array of potentially positive effects.

    • Intermittent fasting may have a similar effect (as it also brings about ketosis).

    • There are some other components to the approach that are non-dietary.

    • Together, they are sometimes referred to as the “Press Pulse” protocol.
  • Risk of using metformin:
    • Not knowing long term impact of blocking key pathways in cells.
  • Exercise has similar cyclical impact as fasting:
    • Damage tissue, repair tissue; also triggers IGF-1 usage.

Key Takeaways:

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