FoundMyFitness — Valter Longo (2)

On: Resetting Autoimmunity and Rejuvenating Systems with Prolonged Fasting & the FMD Episode: N/A Date: July 2018 Key Subjects: See Sauna write-upSee “FoundMyFitness — Walter Longo (1)“Again highlights the various fasting protocols.Key Takeaways:-/- Worth Listening: Perhaps too much repetition with

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FoundMyFitness — Valter Longo (1)

On: Fasting-Mimicking Diet & Fasting for Longevity, Cancer & Multiple Sclerosis Episode: N/A Date: October 2016 Key Subjects: See Fasting write-upA shielding and repair mode that we lost over time.Two modes: fasting and (re-)feeding.Both modes have provide different sets of stressors

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