The Drive with Peter Attia — Rick Johnson

On: The common link in high blood pressure, insulin resistance, T2D, & obesity

Episode: 87

Date: January 2020

Background: Nephrologist.

Key Subjects:

  • Ancient mutation helped us to turn fructose into fat.
    • Allowed us to survive long periods without food.
    • Now, food is abundant, less need for it.
  • Stuck with many adverse effects of fructose (see “Fructose and Glucose” write-up).
  • Reduce sugar consumption.
    • Concentration and speed of fructose intake matter.
    • Drinking sugar is worse than eating it (higher speed and concentration).
      • Avoid sodas, sports drinks, etc..
    • Fruits generally okay in moderation.
      • Some fruits (grapes) contain more fructose than others (berries).
  • Reduce high glycemic carbs.
    • For some, turn glucose into fructose.
    • Bread, potatoes, chips.
  • Reduce high salt.
    • Similarly, stimulates fructose creation inside the body.
    • Concentration of salt matters: drink water.

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