The Drive with Peter Attia — David Sinclair

On: Slowing aging – sirtuins, NAD, and the epigenetics of aging Episode: 27 Date: November 2018 Key Subjects: Genetics professor at Harvard Medical School and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging.Sirtuins.Play a key role

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Summary Introduction. Ageing and disease. Nine Hallmarks of Ageing. Genomic Instability. Telomere Attrition. Epigenetic Alterations. Cellular Senescence. Deregulated Nutrient Sensing Mitochondrial Dysfunction. Stem Cell Exhaustion. Loss of Proteostasis. Altered Intercellular Communication. Ageing and Cognitive Diseases. Ageing and Dietary Restriction (DR).

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Summary Introduction. Sirtuins and Gene Silencing. Sirtuins Activity. Sirtuins and Senescence. Introduction Silent information regulator (SIR). Crossroads of nutrient sensing and stress regulation. Responds to energy and nutrients. Controls cellular health. Regulates adaptive response to energy availability. Silences genes. Repairs

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